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5 fundamentals for making social impact on YouTube


Make sure people will pass along your videos to a network of supporters. Be relatable by telling your story in the most accessible way possible. Be topical by including something everyone is currently talking about in your story. And be valuable by providing practical value in your story.


Make sure your video rises to the top of search results. Craft your story in a way that references trending topics and “evergreen” content like how-tos and tutorials. That way, when popular topics create increased traffic to the site, your video can be found as a “related video.”


Posting your videos frequently and on a regular schedule helps viewers who love your content continue to engage with your cause. Using a consistent format, topic, and/or personality for your videos also helps build a loyal subscriber base and continuing engagement.


Start a dialogue with a community of viewers. In your videos, speak directly to your audience and prompt them with questions. For example, ask them to respond in the comments section with their ideas or experiences and use those responses as elements in future videos.


Maintain the attention of your audience by creating an easily repeatable series. “Big-splash” videos can drive a lot of traffic to your channel, but it’s a good idea to support your high-profile projects with other, easier-to-make videos that can hold your audience’s attention between the bigger efforts.


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