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YouTube reaches more 18- to 34-year-olds than any cable network in the U.S. We're honored to be the destination for the world's most influential audience to learn, laugh, and be inspired every day.

Get access to over a billion active users.

Almost a third of all people on the Internet actively use YouTube. That’s 1.5 billion people logging in every month that could be viewing your story and engaging with your mission. We're proud to be truly global: YouTube has local versions in more than 90 countries, in a total of 76 different languages.

Go deep with your message.

YouTube is the place where the most video is consumed every day. On average, our viewers spend over an hour a day watching YouTube on mobile devices alone. Communicate your message of social change on a whole new level.

Spark action.

Video is a powerful tool to connect and motivate audiences. We help you become a more effective storyteller for social impact by offering easy-to-follow lessons on how to craft videos that emotionally connect with your audience and spur them into action.

Our Values

Freedom of Expression

We believe people should be able to speak freely, share opinions, foster open dialogue, and that creative freedom leads to new voices, formats and possibilities.

Freedom of Information

We believe everyone should have easy, open access to information and that video is a powerful force for education, building understanding, and documenting world events, big and small.

Freedom of Opportunity

We believe everyone should have a chance to be discovered, build a business and succeed on their own terms, and that people—not gatekeepers—decide what’s popular.

Freedom to Belong

We believe everyone should be able to find communities of support, break down barriers, transcend borders and come together around shared interests and passions.

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